Friday, October 26, 2012

Writing exersizes

Writing is not hard. Just get paper and a pencil, and write as it occurs to you. The writing is easy-it's the occurring that's hard.  Stephen Leacock

Un-fortunately, Stephen was right. But here are some exercises that may help you:
  • Invent a new magical species. Is it a humanoid? More like an animal? Be free with you answers. If you want to, draw the creature. Use it to carry on with, or start a story. Make the first word the name of the the creature. If you need help with names, go to Google translate, or think up some bizarre words, or even just change normal ones, like Glamoriken. Then decide if there is many of these creatures, like human races, or are they just set ones? What are their names? Where do they come from? Why are they like that?
  • What would your dream garden be like? Leave nothing out!
  • Who is the lady in the shed? a Witch? Who is the strange dentist with pointy teeth? A vampire? See who in your real life are strange,and turn them into other creatures. Maybe a ratty girl at school is really a harpy!
  •  Write a poem about something that happens in ordinary life,but make it slightly more interesting.Here is an example by Ross Bolleter:  
 Washing at night,
Slinging it up cold and heavy,
Wet under the misted stars.

Morning each black T shirts's hung
With powdered galaxies of...
Oh god, and ancient Kleenex.

  • It's not Mondays that I hate. Mondays are fine. In fact I love Mondays. I hate what I have to do on Mondays. That is what I hate.
  • When I recived my first letter from Enexberg, Mother decided I was strange. When I recived a second, my Mother though I was downright weird.
  • Sophie heaved the sack of yard trimmings up the hill, and wiped her forehead with the back of her hand. This was the owrst job ever. 
  • I couldn't see. The books were piled to high, my thick, heavy dress slapped against my feet. I knew I had slipped before the shatter of glass. Please don't let Aunt Josephine's vase be broken, I pleaded. I am in enough trouble as it is!
  • The girl but her hands on the glowing crystal ball, and her eyes glazed over. "Must go north." she muttered. "Must, go, North."
  • I stepped back, hoping she wasn't going to explode.
  • The fairy waved her wand. "Hiccup." said Emelia, a feeling of something round entered her mouth. "Hiccup." She bobbed up as the air escaped from her mouth, and sheturned away to plop the round thing out of her  mouth. She stared strangly at it. Could she really have made that? "Wow." she said. The feeling of something sharp entered her mouth. She spat again. In her palm was a five carrot ruby.
  • I starred across the empty plains, wondering how we were going to cross them.
  • "Be nice" My uncle said, putting his arm between us. "After all, he is your brother."
  • I stared at my glass of lemonade, watching the bubbles rise before they turned into nothingness. 
  • "But that's life I suppose. You go along, and suddenly...Poof!" 
Still Stuck?
  •  Look online and in newspapers for amazing, true stories. Some how them being true makes them even more inspirational.
  • Poetry and Songs. Look in your old poetry books, and rumage through your CDs. I bet you will find something worth while!
  • Read some fantasy stories, such as fairy tales and folk tales. If your feeling daring, maybe even try making some up on the spot!

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