Monday, October 1, 2012


Here are some great links for anyone who needs some more websites.
I specifically recommend Gail Carson  Levine's blog, which has many amazing posts.If you go to her website and to her guest book, then you can ask her questions, and she almost always answers.
 Gail Carson Levine's Website
Gail Carson Levine's Blog
Shannon Hale's Advice on writing, how to write, how to balance writing and life...
Shannon Hale's main Website, about her books, how she gets ideas, web stories, etc
Great advice on writing, how to write the best you can, and so on.
From 13+ Even if you don't plan on writing a novel for National Novel writing month, this has great pep talks, you can sign up just to have writing buddies, help in writing and have fun!
From any age to 17! For those younger writers who want to participate too!
 I will add more links on to THIS post when I find new ones, but until then,  this is what I have got!

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