Saturday, March 30, 2013

Flickin' through: a nonsense exersize

Completing this exercise is fun and easy. Grab a book and flick through the pages. each time it lands open, write down the first word on the top line on the left, and the last word on the top line on the right side, do this multiple times.
Once you have a long list, get rid (if you want) of the all the words such as: like, are, our, my, I, he, she, but don't get rid of them completely, write them further down on your sheet, so you can remember them. These are the words you can't use, or if you have to use them, only once. 

From Catching fire By Suzanne Collins
I like sporting blue and green, flowing colors. Each one pushes its way into sight in my straight hair, dragging the original colour underneath, though having colored hair makes me look very different, I rue changing anything about me. There's just no going back from
it. My right is blue, my left is green. It helps my mind think about my feet, where, making an outnumbered noise, the pressure of them hitting the ground is louder than everything and it  in being the first sound I think of when thinking of walking.

From The Bad Beginning  by Lemony Snicket
Finally, I fetch terrible Sunny Shoulder, who always interrupts me. Many who notice her remember their interest which is  well, as mysterious as an office being a gazebo. 

I hope you have fun! I know I did, and it is very easy. Another alternative is to look at an  object (1), and list all the words you can think of about it. Now look at another (2), and list all the things you would use to describe something  opposite. now look at another object(3). And use only the words from 2 to describe it, (as well as words such as and, the, sometimes, etc) but you can't use any of the words from 1. Have fun!

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