Friday, December 21, 2012


Someone who tells you you can't do something, someone who you want to think good of you. This person criticizes you and haunts you until you no longer believe in your dream. But, being a BOB, them criticizing you, although they don't know it, and maybe you don't, makes you want your dream more, often making you succeed. A BOB usually wants to be what you are too, and can't succeed, and makes them self feel better by hurting you. In other words, Do it for BOB!

Someone who over-exaggerates you. There is nothing wrong with telling someone that their work is very pretty, or their writing is good when it isn't, to make them feel better, but an ABE make you have false expectations of your work. They don't say: "If you keep writing, you will make it someday," they say "You writing is the best I have ever read. It is even better than Jane Austen, my all time-favorite author. Listen to them, but only some parts. You will make it someday if you keep writing, but you need to remember that you have to keep trying.

A PAM is the middle, the perfectly balanced. They tell you to keep going, that your work is great, but they give you feed back to help your writing. Everyone wants a PAM in their head. Sadly, lots of people shut them out.

These are listed in order of how good they are, although ABE and BOB are almost just as bad as each other, it is better to have an ABE. you need to listen to both to be a PAM, and you need to be a PAM to finish, publish and sell your work! If you think your story isn't working, change your point of view as much as your story.

1. Make BOB, ABE and PAM into real people, with the same personalities. See what happens when you flesh them out.
2. Write down ten people who are very important in your life. Here is an example:
Mum, Dad, Best friend, friend,enemy, teacher, teacher,  Friend's Parents, Family friends, close other relatives. Write next to their names if they are a BOB, ABE, or a PAM, or if they don't really pay much attention to your writing. Write a sentence or two about why you chose that for them. If they have no involvement in your work, try telling them about it. If they are a BOB, and you think they could change, ask them what you could do to improve. If their answer is sarcastic, ignore them. They don't deserve to be part of your writing. If you think they are a PAM, show them your work, and keep note of the advice they give you!

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