Saturday, November 24, 2012

Getting ideas

Once there was some one with a  story to tell. They didn't know what this story was, or how they were going to tell it...

At one point, I had thw worst case of writers block. When you don't even have an idea to start with. I had no ideas. I went on to Think baby names and browsed for some names I would like. I also looked up names on  things like  Yahoo Answers for names. I also wrote down names I already liked.
I wrote down three words for each name/girl. (They were all girls, but you can do the same for boys) Then I chose my favourite four, and wrote down a character questionnaire for them.
Way of speaking:
Items she carries with her:
What they want more than anything else:
Then I chose my favourite from there, and opened a new word document. I wrote down some things that should happen in a story about her, what I would have to show in the story. I made up some other characters, too. Some were from the list, others weren’t. I wrote down three words for each. Here is an example:
artistic, foreign,  stylish or docile, strange, lacks self-confidence
See what you can come up with. Choose twelve or more names. It doesn’t matter if you don't like them. Write down three words for each. Choose three that you like the most, r more If you can;t decide. Write down a character questionnaire for each of them.
Choose one from there you like. If you can’t, choose two, and make a separate page for each of them. Write down what each of their stories would be about. You can weave characters and other things in to this description, too. Choose which one you like most. Put it into a situation, but it doesn’t have to be in the world that the character is going to be in for your story. Maybe they are at a bank robbery. What would they do? Would they stand by and watch, or call the police? Would they run away, or interfere? Once you have written down this, read over it a few times. What else have you learnt about your character?  Maybe nothing, but probably something. The character has spoken through you, and you didn’t realize what the character actually wanted to say and be. Maybe you need to change something’s about your character, maybe you don’t. Think what else you can do with them. Do you have an idea in your little scribbled in notebook? Try putting the character with that idea. See what you get.
Save what you write!

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