Saturday, September 15, 2012


Quotes make your story memorable, stuck in people's minds, when ever they hear, or think something about it.
Every good, well written novel has at least one sentence which can be used as a famous quote, but most have more. A lot more.

Think about a book you have read, the first one that pops into your head.
What about it did you think of first?
If it was a character, why do you remember the character?

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Especially if it is not a main character, you need to make quotes for your other     characters, so people remember them, and they don't feel left out, and that people acknowledge them too.
Humorous characters are easier to make quotes for, but you can make perfectly serious ones, which can be funny to some, but to others, they might see the meaning of the quote, and why it is there.

When writing novels, if you are narrating in third person, you can make quotes about what people are doing, and have no one say anything about it, but write it from your own mind.

You don't have to make up quotes, either.
You can search up ????? quotes on Google, and change them slightly, or find ones that your character would say,  and keep them the same.

In 'The two Princesses of Bamerre, their father, King Lionel has a quote book called, The book of  Homely Truths, which is basically a book of stupid sayings, and he is always quoting from it.
Quotes are powerful things.

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